7NEWS Snafus

Denver’s Channel 7 ABC News (KMGH) is always making mistakes in heads, decks, captions, and so forth in its online and on-air news stories. In what’s bound to be the first of many blog entries, I’ll share some of them from recent times.

  1. It could cost you—the respect of your fellow news writers!
    amendment68This deck is just horrible. Leaving aside the poor choice of using “if” twice, especially when the second “if” is a good example of where “whether” is preferable, how often have amendments that have NOT passed cost you anything? Of course the amendment would need to pass before it had any consequences.
    Any of these would have been better:

    • “But some question whether it could cost you”
    • “Could this amendment cost you?”
    • “Amendment may come with cost to taxpayers”
    • “How much could amendment cost taxpayers?”

  2. News from a foreign country! Mount Something-or-Other erupted!
    Mount Ontake1 Mount Ontake2Who cares how you spell the name? People are dead! Everyone panic!

  3. Northern lands unite!
    P1040578Did Alaska just annex Canada? Or is a news writer going rogue? This reminds me of a line from Idiocracy: “Georgia’s in Florida.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0O7_3o3BrI

  4. It helps to be a little more Pacific.
    P1040580Is that 2 servings a day? A week? A month? A year?

  5. After last year’s flooding, you need to rebuild your deck.
    P1040586Not only was the road damaged, but a news writer lost an “i.”

  6. Content goes here.
    P1040588A dolorous case of Lorem ipsum.

  7. What’s, with the comma?
    P1040589Also, it could be assumed that because the only description of TJ Lane is “murderer,” “others” means “other murderers,” rather than “other inmates/escapees/etc.”

  8. It’s not just Jack McAtee…
    P1040599The whole town of Breckinridge is missing. You can’t even find it on a map! There’s only Breckenridge, with an “e.”

  9. That crazy Colorado weather…
    At night, it can get as cold as a void.
    P1040641In the daytime, it can get hotter than the highest recorded temperature on Earth.P1040640

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