Ad for Virtual Reality Device Contains Glitch. See for Yourself

According to Adweek, electronics company Samsung spends upward of $600 million a year on advertising in the United States alone.

For only about $0.05 million more a year, the people at Samsung could hire a competent proofreader.

Then they could avoid giving the impression that they gloss over details and/or cut corners in their rush to finish a product, whether it’s a TV commercial or a smartphone. That kind of thing’s important when you’re trying to get people to shell out $500 to $800.

What am I on about? The commercial for Samsung Gear VR contains a typo. According to Tech Insider the commercial was released November 30, but I saw it for the first time on Hulu this morning, so how many thousands of people have already noticed the mistake? The commercial has 200,000 views on YouTube alone. See if you’re sharp enough to catch the oopsie your first time watching. You may need to adjust the quality of the video to 360p or higher.

If you missed it, don’t feel bad. There were likely at least six people whose job it was to catch such things who also missed it: the copywriter, the copy manager, the proofreader, the creative director, the director of marketing, and a VP, as well as the Samsung exec who okayed the ad. It’s one of these words:

  • compatable
  • separatley
  • instrutions
  • simmulated
  • expirience

By now someone has probably judged it a “harmless” error, and it’s not even a humorous one. But if they don’t ensure that the gatekeepers for their content are paying better attention, Samsung’s next slip-up might be more embarrassing. Watch out, Samsnug!

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