Ad for Virtual Reality Device Contains Glitch. See for Yourself

According to Adweek, electronics company Samsung spends upward of $600 million a year on advertising in the United States alone.

For only about $0.05 million more a year, the people at Samsung could hire a competent proofreader.

Then they could avoid giving the impression that they gloss over details and/or cut corners in their rush to finish a product, whether it’s a TV commercial or a smartphone. That kind of thing’s important when you’re trying to get people to shell out $500 to $800. Read the rest of this entry »

Frequently Asked Question: “Its” vs. “It’s”

Itsy bitsy, or it’sy bit’sy? Or eensy weensy? (Courtesy of

Why do so many people confuse “its” and “it’s”?

Apparently this mix-up happens a lot on Twitter, and even big news agencies and nationwide brands sometimes get it wrong. Read the rest of this entry »